Friday, September 18, 2009

Passing of a founding member

Early this week one of our founding members,Loma Oxendine, passed away. .
In the early 1980’s, Betty Bridges ran a quilt shop in Webb City. When she decided to close her shop, she invited several of her loyal customers to her farm near Purdy, MO, for a meeting. These 12 women decided to continue meeting together in each other’s homes each month. After several months it was decided to find a name for the group and elect officers and become official. Loma was one of these women. In October 1985, at a meeting at Betty’s farm, Town & Country Quilters Guild was born. The group continued to meet in each other’s homes every October for the next 4 years. As the group increased in number, they met at various places until finally they started meeting at the First United Methodist Church at 4th and Byers, Joplin, Mo. In 2008, the group moved to its present location at the First Presbyterian Church, 6th and Pearl, Joplin, MO. The group has now grown to over 70 women.

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